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Radioactive Cockroach Episode 7

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 7

October 3, 2020


If I had a gun from The Division of Anger: Poems by Gig Ryan

Deep Peace by Bill Douglas


Radioactive Cockroach The Dilruk Jayasinha Interview The Director’s Cut

Radioactive Cockroach The Dilruk Jayasinha Interview The Director’s Cut

August 29, 2020

We featured an interview with Dilruk Jayasinha in episode five but did not have enough time to include everything.  This special episode includes the entire interview between Bess Patterson and our very special guest Dilruk Jayasinha.

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 5

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 5

August 27, 2020

This episode we have Dilruk Jayasinha visit.

Laurel and Hardy commit a crime!

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Lifeline 13 11 14

Link to other supports Australia wide

UK - Samaritans 11 61 23

USA - 1800 273 TALK

Or text “Help” to 4357

CANADA – 1833 456 4566
Link to other supports across Canada, USA and other countries

SOUTH AFRICA – 0861 322 322
Link to a range of supports throughout SA


Radioactive Cockroach Episode 4

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 4

August 6, 2020

This episode sit back and relax with singer, songwriter and retired Federal Judge Judy Small.  Listen to the three Judy's talk music, the law and all things Judy!



Radioactive Cockroach Episode 3

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 3

July 15, 2020

This episode has:

  • an interview with Supreme Court Judge Andrew Tinney;
  • an interview with Tony Bannister Weatherman and Pan Pipe aficionado; and
  • Bess Patterson returns with some light hearted relief.
Radioactive Cockroach Episode 2

Radioactive Cockroach Episode 2

July 1, 2020

Welcome to Radioactive Cockroach.
We’re a good humoured community, aiming to be a comforting and informative space for survivors of sexual assault and those who love them.

Pull up a chair at the table for a good chat with Judy Horocek.
Get to know our resident comedian Bess Paterson better in conversation with Judy Stutz.
Chew the fat with Dalziel and Stutzo
There are tips for going to Court. What should I wear?
Original music - Philip Dallas
Logo - John Henry
Thankyou to our volunteer content checkers - experts in the care of victims of sexual assault, and legal experts.

Episode 1

Episode 1

June 18, 2020

In this our first episode of Radioactive Cockroach get to know your hosts Judy Dalziel and Judy Stutz.  Listen to comedy legend Greg Fleet get a grilling from our resident comedian and Cockroach Comforter, Bess Paterson.

  • Learn about being a Radioactive Cockroach.
  • In this episode an interview with Nicole who was a resident of the Chelsea Hotel in New York for eight years.
  • Should I stay or should I leave the church? (A personal story)
  • Bess quizzes Greg Fleet 
  • We're a good humoured bunch of cockroaches, and we will always avoid explicit, prurient or triggering language. This is, however, an honest space, and may raise real issues for you. Please click for a comprehensive list of resources, or simply call 1800RESPECT for support.

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